Florida Teacher Hoses Down Small Child, He Soiled His Pants

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“A Florida school board suspended for 10 days without pay a teacher who hosed down a pre-kindergarten student who soiled his clothes.”


The teacher, Stephanie Wilson, is a sadistic monster, plain and simple. The kid couldn`t be more than 4-years-old, this experience will render him traumatized for life.

It`s not uncommon for a tot to soil his clothes, and he shouldn`t be punished for being unable to control his bowels. The child`s rough treatment at the hands of his teacher will probably make him such a nervous wreck that he will wet his pants all the time.

The 52-year-old woman hosed down the the poor child in public as if he were a mangy mutt.

A 10-day suspension is a slap on the wrist, Wilson should be waterboarded until she soils her drawers.

Wilson has been teaching for 30 years, it`s time to kick her to the curb.

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