Exquisite Eggplant dish.. on Dec12 2011

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Eastern-inspired eggplant dish…

1 large eggplant also referred to as aubergine, ripe and of medium texture, delicious when roasted. Fire-roasted on a barbeque grill or gas grilled infuses so much flavor to cooked vegetables: leave on the skin for this particular vegetable.
3 – 5 Roma tomatoes or 2 large regular tomato, fire-roasted.
fresh parsley, cleaning well, drying and utilizing the flower portion
fresh cilantro, same as per parsley
5 roasted green or red peppers, fire roasted, peeled, seeded and divined
olive oil for taste…
apple cider vinegar for taste; usually one teaspoon should suffice
sea salt to taste, sea salt is lighter than regular table salt so add a double-portion versus regular salt
fresh, ground cumin: about 1 teaspoon
chili powder or smoky paprika to taste: about 1 teaspoon

½ cup each of cilantro, parsley and or celery leaves
deep skillet with a lid to avoid spilling and for minimal splashing effect..

Begin by roasting eggplant, green or red chili peppers, and tomatoes. roasting all with skin. I use all of these vegetables both for color, and the impact of the flavors when blended together. Remove the seeds, veins and skin, if desired slice the peeled chili peppers and eggplant and finely chop parsley and cilantro; leave parsley and cilantro until the end to blend into your dish. In a deep skillet  sautee with vegetable oil, eggplant and chili, add tomatoes and blend well; add dry ingredients; season to taste cooking on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes.  You can also add I teaspoon vegetable bouillon, while sauteeing your vegetables or one of my favorites Old Bay seasoning’s for added flavor or substitute celery salt for sea salt.. If you have fresh celery on-hand, you can clean and slice the celery leaves and add to your parsley and cilantro for extra flavor… After removing the skillet from your heat source, add a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil to energize the spices and seal-in your flavors….. Goes great with pita bread!

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