Two Sweetwater Women Steal Christmas Decorations From Their Neighbors on Dec10 2011

by Robert Paul Reyes | Print the article |

“Police in Florida said they arrested two women who allegedly took Christmas decorations worth hundreds of dollars from their neighbors.”


I`m the neighborhood Grinch, you won`t find so much as a wreath on my door. The neighbor across the street from me starts the process of decorating his house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and by the time he`s finished his house would make the Griswolds green with envy. I`ve fantasized about stealing his decorations, and taking them to the dump.

But these two ladies stole Christmas decorations from their neighbors and used them to decorate their own homes. One of these brainless thieves lives only a block from her victim`s home.

The stolen decorations weren`t generic-looking items that you could buy at a Dollar General or a Walmart. The clueless thieves stole a Mickey Mouse on a horse, hugging penguins and Snoopy on a dog house. Did the burglar think that the victim would say to herself: What a coincidence, here`s a home decorated with the same unique items that were just stolen from my place.

These evil women should spend Christmas behind bars.

Merry Christmas, to all my readers.

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