10,000,000 Dollar Meditation on Dec10 2011

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Lorie Ann Jermoune: Commentary/endorsement
Lorie Ann Jermoune


$10,000,000 Meditation CD; ROBERT A. WILSON

$10,000,000 in the bank with your name:………………………………….
( please feel free to fill-in your name)

Ten Million Dollar Meditation by Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching opens your innovative talent and a dynamic way to begin your day. www.cowboy-wisdom.com/TenMillionDollar.html

The decision is not how, but when you will authorize the $10,000,000 million check in the bank; filling-out the deposit slip, and endorsing the back: in your name to you??????

Ever feel as though someone knows the secret to health, wealth and success and if only they could share the steps with you; you would have this information and utilize it too?

Exceedingly, abundantly, bold, motivated, action-oriented, humbly- ordained gunfighters all have certain traits and share commonalities that link their success…….Listen to Rob as he reveals success serenity, openly and freely for you to reap your successful life payments too!

“YOU ARE THE RIVER ACROSS THE BARRIER REEF IN THE OCEAN OF LIFE!” This is a soon-to-be famous quote, duly-noted, by Robert A. Wilson that can be transmitted deeply into your sub-conscious mind if you allow yourself to reap the success in you that is already there; bursting at the seams, ready to explode. It manifests in anxiety, stress, unease, and many other physical forms if you choose to tune-out your inner voice; you were born a success before you took your first breath…Let Rob unleash in you, your armor of success living….

Rob A. Wilson’s quote should not be taken lightly, as the liberation that you feel when you listen, relax and engage your mind is truly illumination to the deepest part of your heart that reacts to the soothing melodies of ocean waves and sea gulls! As moderator, he leads the gentler side of your inborn voice of reason to feel at ease and succinctly in-tune with nature.


Do you often time’s feel that life is FIGHT OR FLIGHT? This action-oriented deed just diminishes the growth ability; the prize that you have amply- house inside of you; given to you; to give to others freely……

Do you desire to feel uplifted and re-inspired after a bad day? Rob has judiciously delivered this message for you to replay over and over again by designing his remarkable audio play, via voice-infused knowledge of living; giving you hope and energy for you to feel that he understands you; as he too lives life and is the gunfighter of his life too…

In whatever capacity that resonates with your inner expression, whether it is medicine man, soothsayer, oracle, or action-packed life coach leader; pay close attention to the voice that you allow in your head. Choose an orator that will expand you; bring you to the next level of your development; lead you to the path that you desire with all-knowing, all-willing intention…

Rob has been ingrained since childhood; taught that in knowledge, you listen; in teaching, you are a student; then teacher, then student again; this is the circle of learning; it is infinite; as are numbers without end.

Learning more means teaching more, and vice-versa, mirroring his experience and illuminating his landscape; keeping the continuity and infinity of his teaching, training and innovation alive. By his insightful, charismatic nature you will understand your life more and know how you got to the life that you live today and how to get to the life that you desire to live tomorrow…REALIZE THAT YOU ARE THE STUDENT; TEACHER AND LEADER OF THE WORLD THAT YOU ALONE HAVE DESIGNED!!!!

Let’s also remember the important keys of successful entrepreneurs and leaders: They all tithe 10% of their income. Oprah Winfrey and many other successors will freely and openly tell you that they attribute tithing to her past and current success!

Entrepreneurs understand that the challenges in their lives were necessary to expand them out of their current life into a new paradigm. Once they understood their income, inner landscape and manifestation; by their habits and expanded action in their daily living took root and new forms of success were clearly formed.

Entrepreneurs are also big dreamers and most of them, in example, actor: JIM CARRY, wrote himself a large $1 million-dollar, that was a lot of money 25 years ago; to energize his dreams and to put action to paper and paper to action with his action-oriented, subliminal mind in the mix…..Look at yourself in the mirror; enjoy and like what you see! You are beautiful; one-of-a-kind, unique!. JIM CARRY claims he did this constantly and told himself that success was not a choice, not an option; a given, well-orchestrated, meticulously designed mission in life…

See yourself buying the big house, talk about it, give it a name, design it, go to the car lot, take a test drive, let the leather interior feel comfortable against your skin… Take that car home, with a fine-tuning of your inner-wisdom, ROB can help you accomplish that $10,000,000 dollar check; to keep depositing, cashing. Your funds keep growing, and growing and growing; pretty soon, you will have NO LESS than $10,000,000 in your bank account. People will be so drawn to your inner-landscape and manifested talents and keys that they will keep on giving and giving to gain for themselves too!

Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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