Lady Grabs Hubby’s Family Jewels: Demands To Know Where He Hid Her Ring! on Dec8 2011

by Robert Paul Reyes | Print the article |

“After a Vero Beach man showed his bruised left testicle to sheriff`s investigators, a woman was arrested and stands accused of grabbing her husband`s privates and refusing to let go for two minutes.


According to a report by, Maryann Scott, 49, told Indian River County deputies her husband had taken a $15,000 ring he had given her and hid it.”


If a woman squeezed my privates demanding to know where I had hidden her expensive ring, I would sing like a soprano and tell her exactly where I hid it.

Maryann may be sadistic, but grabbing her husband by the family jewels is the best way to find out where he hid her jewel.

One little detail that needs to be emphasized is that Maryann was holding a knife while she was torturing her hapless husband. Hell, I would have told the evil woman not only the location of her ring, but how much money I had in my savings account, and anything else she wanted to know.

The cops took a photograph of the victim`s bruised manhood, I hope that the image doesn`t end up on the Internet, that would really be adding insult to injury.

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