Lake Helen Grandmas Shed Clothes For Calendar Fundraiser

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“Women in town wanted to raise money to remodel the kitchen at American Legion Post 127, a popular gathering spot in Lake Helen for veterans.

That`s when Pat Chadwick, editor of the Lake Helen City Observer newsletter, suggested putting together a calendar featuring some of the town`s older women baring it all.”


The Lake Helen women featured in the calendar, ages 44-87 don`t exactly bare it all. We`re not talking ladies posing Penthouse-style or even Playboy style, these elderly ladies don`t show any more skin than you would see at the beach. You can wipe the vomit from your chin, and chill out.

However, I would still be more comfortable if these sweet old ladies stuck to bake sales to raise money for worthwhile endeavors.

As a practical matter who the hell is going to buy a calendar featuring old birds exposing more skin than is prudent? I would pass on the calendar but I might buy a couple of cookies.

I imagine some old coots will buy the calendar, Viagra, and pay these sweet ladies a visit.

All I can say is: You Go Girls! Never too old to have fun!

Donations can be mailed to PO Box 884 Lake Helen, FL 32744. More information about obtaining a calendar is available by calling Pat Chadwick at 386-228-3695.

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