Polar Bear Bold on Dec6 2011

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I Am Polar Bear Bold Expressing Spiritual Gold
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I am polar bear bold expressing spiritual gold letting go of my moldy old thinking out of the box paradox sanctions me to realize thinking outside the box just places in a another box ends now.
Because I now understand I am polar bear bold expressing spiritual gold sashaying through my day in a sphere of sunlit sapience reveals.
To my enterprising eyes my sunlit sphere flows to eternity going forever sets free my clairvoyant clever unsheathing a new-fangled real-eyes-zed-sensation.
I breathe in common sense I exhale divine wisdom to expand the universe into a pristine sunrise springs free a new astuteness in the universal vista.
A watch the sunset I relax in the joy of my accomplishments that I choose to engage my day with my polar bear bold spiritual gold genius opening love decreeing I love my game of life.
With my new gutty outlook I understand when I think I am thinking outside the box I am in a bigger box looking back inside the same box creating inflammation of transformation muting.
My intuition revealing to me the mundane of yesterday slays my wonderment of today because my eyes are focused on the hocus pocus of yesterday.
Thinking I am thinking outside the box is the pun of me being done like being sunburned invokes the hoax of change has me.
Churning and burning inside the mundane inflamed thinking I am thinking outside box binds my mind in the pain of change.
Has me spinning like a top in the same mope-us dope-us modus operandi I think I think I am thinking outside the box changing my life righting the ship is a crock of baloney.
Thinking I zigged when should-da zagged has me egotistically bragging and spiritually sagging wagging my tongue like a thirsty dog.
As I am bogged down in my egotistical slog sitting on my rear end-I wishing I was outside the box of heartache of create which has me heading straight end-I where I came from.
In my blaming somebody else lame thinking has me thinking I am thinking outside box in truth has me living the insane of same inflames the pain of me having.
My head up my rear end-I swirling in my pity me malarkey following the herd of corporate clones which is honed by society’s educational droning.
However in realty all boxes have coroner corners that are mirrors of our poverty DNA is like ice skating.
As I grasp when I am ice skating I slide and glide so effortless over the ice in the same circle as everybody else going with flow.
Without even understanding I am in the clutches of corporate fascist manipulation which is society duplication.
So I now understand a whether inside the box or thinking I am outside box I am still innovatively muted diluted and delusional going nowhere stuck in a paradoxical box.
With the coroner waiting on the corner baiting me into thinking I am thinking outside of the however the coroner sees the hornet in the corner waiting.
To sting putting the oh-no in my intuitive get up and go so now I understand so now I see the absurd coroner standing on the corner waiting.
So patently for me however waiting for me shows me the paradox coroner is fool waiting for me because I am going to be late for this date forever and ever.
Because I am on the go to glow I my promised land to bask in my Copa Utopia because I reveal to me that I am polar bear bold expressing spiritual gold.
I unleashed a new prime time paradigm I now sashay in a sphere of sunlit sapience showcasing my winning wit is my sapient it sends forth.
My prosperous get and go unlocking my peerless oracle linguistic libretto vitalizing my visual Yule Tide revelations galvanizing omnipotence.
Lionizing discernment decreeing innovation sapience correlating entrepreneurial my polar bold puts spiritual gold into my daily endeavor to forever be expanding my dandy grandeur.
To relish my Buckingham Palace splendor unleashing my marvelous red carpet ride across the harmonized heavens canonizing my solar soul in an enterprising extravagant way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Amy Lignor
Writers Companion

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