Freely give away nuggets of gold! on Dec5 2011

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Like  gooey, warm buttery dough, we assume  will  be  baked and become the  food of life; Bread.  We realize that  it has to be baked to reach the next dimension of its life.  Enduring extreme temperatures of heat; the goal, to be molded and with yeast, if it is  guaranteeing to submit, take another shape,  and to  rise again.  It has to be reborn; taking on a new form; yielding a new, enlarged, wonderfully golden color; a splendid divine gift by the heat and fire that was endured to become our essential, ethereal,  delicious sandwich accompaniment.

Such is your stede and mine too; only we are more wittingly, and sharply attuned to the elements; silver, copper, iron and gold….Like a richly retrieved find of golden nuggets are you…..The excavation, the tension, the pounding; the pain-staking pressure, achieved to reach such a grand find from the nebulous deep; those very precious nuggets from the earth…..

Hoisted from deep beneath layers of smoldering rock and debris; harvested, surviving many trials and fire, being separated from the darkness and polished, shiny, more valuable and renewed………..It has been extracted, it has fermented over many years too: its grandness generated and exploited for its shine, once perfected it shall yield an omnipresent purpose ,done with pleasure, becoming a treasure for all to see!!!!!   Do not hoard your golden nuggets just for you, the yield will be grander as you share with others; be not jealous of someone else’s success for your nugget are wisdom, talent, knowledge, life-experience, all and inclusive   salt of the earth!

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