Lauderhill Dude Throws Rock At Bus, Turned In By His Mom on Dec3 2011

by Robert Paul Reyes | Print the article |

“Authorities in Florida said the Santa-hat wearing bus passenger accused of hurling a rock through the vehicle`s windshield was turned in by his mother.

The Broward Sheriff`s Office said Demetrius Vidale, 19, was arrested Thursday after his mother recognized his face from security camera footage shown on the news and called authorities.”


When you don Santa`s hat you have a responsibility to spread good tidings and good cheer. Instead of wishing his fellow passengers “Merry Christmas” or singing “White Christmas”, this Scrooge was singing a song with profane lyrics.

There were children on the bus, and the driver ordered the creep to get out, when he got out he threw a rock at the bus shattering the windshield.

The kids must have been traumatized, but at least they will probably be on their best behavior for fear that if they are bad Santa will throw rocks at their house.

If this clown is sentenced to a couple of days in jail, his cell mates will give him hell for being turned in by his own mother. I hope he has to do community service sweeping the streets while wearing a Santa`s cap and singing “Jingle Bells.”

Merry Christmas to all my readers.

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