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Eye See I Am
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Eye see: I am now the Grizzly Bear on the tear shredding my stupor duped duologues between my egotistical arrogance and thinking I am right all the time is now blown in the wind and is.
Long gone like a convicted Mafia Don sets free my Grizzle Bear Moxie to prowl my terra-incognita setting free my prodigious prowess uncrowning the frowning Darth Vader of darkness.
That was my fault finding fiend that told me everything I did wasn’t up to society’s haughty haughtiness which has been the jerk lurking in my field of dreams.
That fault finding fiend has been release like intestinal gas pain in a whirlwind now without any pooh in the stew and without further ado the lurking jerk has now burped and bumped kicked off.
This flight to the promise land because I promised myself this electrifying experience I now ride the silver express to success as my prosperity accounts glow in gold bars like a new sunny dawn.
Unlatches my attachment to the stink of my think that has me locked blocked like the tiger in the cage opens out a real revelation;
“Is it the bars the hold the tiger in the cage or is it the space between the bars that hold the tiger in the cage.”
“The wisdom is the tiger escapes in space bars mirrors our daily life because wisdom flowing silence and lived in the space of my inner processes innermost dialog and daily activities.”
As I open my senses I clear the passage ways in my core apparatus to unearth and discern new-fangled wisdom and bold brio traveling and unraveling the new frontier in my terra incognita.
Unbinds my mind to understand this titan truism I now understand pessimism negativity cynics and all forms of dark inertia frighten my haughtiness pokes the hoax of.
My egotistical make-believe tyrant terrifies the panicked fanatic living in the attic of subconscious mind DNA and cells.
Opens my eyes to real-eyes I have a choice I can either stay the same living an insanely mundane smearing my fears into all facets of my life falsifying my life.
With dramatized stories traumatizing my dreams was the old way now I unhamper my audacious Grizzly Bear Moxie to gallantly grasp.
I encompass the sand to expand revealing a sassy new grittiness recognizing my fears are my friend energizing astute revelations to spur my iron-will.
To tell myself all the negative inertia in the universe is God, Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energies mystical realm physical landscape and my intrepid intentions.
Instinctively direct my attention to my internal interventions to shine my luminary light on my old blue prints in my subliminal mind and cells untangling me from.
My fink of over thinking of being clocked in a box that is the small pox of moldy old paradoxes that has me jailed in fail causing my egotistical twit is quit is a crock of crap.
So I adamantly flushed the crap hence cut the suspense by choosing to engage in my courageous inner sage to enthrall my I can do all stalwart because I was unafraid to parade.
My intuitive originations thrill my inner diviner opening my eyes to hear my internal seer pointing my on the path of prosperous astute tantalizing hegemony sanctions.
Me to un-stink my think unlinking me from my know it all stall allows me to be unafraid to saunter.
Into my terra incognita releases the stink of my overthink with effortless ease so now I am liberated from all dark inertia.
Ceases to exist is now released unleashes a prompt-to attitude unhampering parvenu paradigm that I walk my talk unsheathing gallant get-up and go galvanizing.
A new sphere of savvy sapience all the negative inertia in the world is basking in the asking of you and me to unlock the blocks in our intrepid innovation.
To open new pathways for you and me to unbridling our titan of triumphant exploring our Terra Incognita uncovering and discovering new wisdom to expand my intuitive landscape.
Because now the universal utopians understand Terra Incognita is the unexplored fields of wisdom where my dreams are sired lighting my fires.
In my enterprising desires are brightly lit igniting my VIP wit to shine authorizing you to sashay thru your day in an undefended way with my unshielded ears peeled.
To hear the appealing audio that you came across the mystical innovative airwaves fostering sharp-witted inventive entrepreneurial authorizes my ingenious idealisms.
To wheel and deal a lavish newborn cash flow to cascade into my wealth financial statements swelling my prophesizing profits accounts into behemoth bonanzas wisdom wealth peace and.
Love for who I am what I stand for in my hallowed heart opening my wisdom to expand the world as I walk in peerless seer luxury.
Understanding wealth luxury love and a cascading cash-flow as my desire flow in my veins sustaining a sphere of unworldly liveliness.
In every breath I inhale and exhale sending forth a heavenly harmony today and every day in a rich spiritual way and in Divine Order.
As I relish my life in a loving idyllic freedom enjoying the people I encounter and my life expanding experiences in a picture perfect manner.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Amy Lignor
Writers Companion
Tom Ski

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