Mythica: Beacon of Hope on Dec1 2011

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I am an agent for hope. I have almost an instinctive nature to sense when someone is about to loose hope. I feel it in my body. I start looking around for whom the person is. Sometimes it isn’t even a physical presence. It is online. I post a lot of what I call Words of Wisdom (w.o.w.) which are the uplifting quotes I post. Cuteness on crack, which are videos that are super cute. I also collect powerful images that I combine with quotes.

One of these quotes has sparked a discussion:

“To understand the meaning of LIFE, one must first forgive those who are willing to destroy it, then share it with those who want to experience it, and live each moment to the fullest in order to appreciate it! I just capture that emotion so that you can reflect on it.” ~ Derek E. Enslow

There are some people in life who have lived in places where death is commonplace. Where people kill others, and that evil act cannot be undone. Those who have witnessed it live with the reality that evil is more powerful because their loved ones are dead. Forgiveness cannot bring the dead back.

There is a misunderstanding that forgiveness is for the one who did the harm. They are involved in that they are the ones for whom the hatred and anger is directed, true. But holding on to that bitterness and blame, is like swallowing poison with the intent of killing the other person. You are only hurting yourself. Forgiveness is so that cancer has nothing to connect to in your body. It also opens the door for the other person, the transgressor.

I love how the universe seems to answer, or make a point, when the day after I posted that quote, a man who was mugged a knifepoint, took his mugger to dinner. There are people like me who exist out there. We have compassion for the people who strike out at others. We see the hurt children inside the adults.

There is so much pain. It isn’t just me who can be that agent for hope. It is you too. Each of us have people around us who thinks that everyone is just out for themselves. Chivalry is dead. Each of us can help with changing that idea by being the beacon of hope that we want in our life. I believe in you. That it isn’t just me. The article about the man who took his attacker to dinner helps prove this.

I will leave you with this quote and a link to the article about the man and his mugger.

“If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Mugger gets taken to Dinner

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