Innovative Alive on Dec1 2011

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Eye See I am Innovatively Alive Unleashing My Enterprising Drive
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Eye-see; I am innovative alive unleashes my enterprising drive to glide enjoying the ride universal tide obliging. The world with my get-up and go liveliness igniting my dauntless.
Ennobling vitality to be my reality unchains my sustaining vim of my intra-national maharishi unlocking.
My cosmic mahatma oracle brilliantly invigorates my lively emancipating eminence magnetizes.
My visual venturous cosmos with my august aura unbinds my divining diviner unhampering my gallivanting scamper of my swashbuckling divine enterpriser.
To see all my ports in the galaxy as phenomenal opportunity as I feel paint the town red to feel the acceleration of my exhilaration of my exoneration while, driving my Royals Royce voicing.
My robust enthusiasms to experience my life expanding opportunities with gallant gutsiness too compassionately say “I exude frontrunner style profiles my entertaining entrepreneur.”
Sauntering on to the stage at the Ryman Auditorium to play my Grand Ole Opera songs “I am Innovative Alive” astounds the world stage singing “Enterprising Drive” telling world.
I arrived strived and thrived electrifies the universe enlivened newborn Bugatti Veyron exquisite tenacity to say “By God I Bugatti all my sired desires” showing the world stage.
I was unafraid engage my intra-hero brio to be the champion placing my hall of fame star on my mantle because I encompassed the mettle.
To show the world I embodied the sassy pizazz to put the varoom in my Veyron as I exhibited my Bugatti Veyron moxie.
I am thee sage with an innovative regal rage singing “Take the Pessimism of the World and Shove” it in the oven to be obliterated into ashes opening the way for my sashay on.
To stage to sing my songs of pristine prosperity in harmony with my sired desires ignites my Grand Ole Opry opportunities.
That I partake eight skate and donate to my prosperity accounts from all sources in the universe in an easy effortless way.
As I realize when I participate in daily escapades with an undefended ear I hear my cascading opportunities opening my eyes to feel me unseal my emotional lore to assure my peerless seer.
To unleash my debonair doctrinaire as my stout-hearted composure unsheathes my entrepreneurial composer exposing my undaunted utopian songwriter.
Authorizes brighter bolder songs to flow my vocal cords harmonizing my lips with savvy songs of success as I sip on the wines of wealth from vineyards innovative ideas.
As I see my visualizations initiate my nirvana persona enamoring yesses admiring real discerning sapience to be the vim and vigor.
Incites the excitement from my superstar visionary ardor enlivens my lightning bolts of sapience form my intra zeal appeal.
Tantalizes my innovative ovulations naturally signifies my hell yeah from inner yea-sayer expressing my prosperity prayers setting ablaze an amazing grace light in my dignified iron-will.
To write my electrifying the singing of my adventurous daredevil wit to realize I am the prize to recognize and reveal to my conscious mind.
My precise destiny date that my desires will arrive with opulent pride because I choose to hop the op’s sailing.
To a new port of lush prosperity to sing my tunes that fit the wit of my it saying yes to my yea-sayer Yahweh apprehending.
I yearn to discern to earn my cascading cash flow because I choose to unleash my I can expand understanding.
I encompass the sand setting free my intrepid canonized abilities naturalized unsealing of my enterprising wise opening my entrepreneurial eyes to see.
My life flows in the go of galvanizing gusto because I choose to discern understanding the I can unseals my revolutionary ideals to be the real deal told me.
Yes I can be a Grand Ole Opry singer today and every day standing on the trendsetter stage singing my Global Get Up and Go understanding I am thee entertainer of the year.
To be my superior prophet singing prosper-eyes-zing pizazz from core décor to see my entrepreneurial albums day-view number one at my pay-per-view window.
Because I choose to endow the wow of my divine destiny with predestine intestinal fortitude in songs sing amplifying affluence so now I choose to pose for my prosperity picture.
As I sip tea on my veranda of Ponderosa prosperity enjoying my bountiful bonanza understanding I expanded the wisdom of the world because.
I choose to be innovative alive unleashing my enterprising drive today in an opulent opportune way to bask in copious opulence in an innovative enterprising way and in Divine Order.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Amy Lignor
Writers Companion
Tom Ski

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