Prodigious Prodigy on Nov30 2011

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I  Am a Prodigious Prodigy Vocalizing August Augur

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I am a prodigious prodigy vocalizing august augur to blog in the universal vista brilliant lively oratory grandeur realizing prayer rousts-out-my oracle-eyes-zing doctrinaire.

Inspiring my get and go galvanizing my incredible income opportunities in my subliminal scenery unbinds my innermost inventive machinery expounding my sagacious savvy exalting.

My daring miraculous fortuneteller foresight excites my bold brainy lively undaunted natural trailblazing wit to soar into my spiritual frontier to walk thru my worldly landscape with.

My entrepreneurial gunfighters will sets free my axiom six shooter wisdom highlights my peerless quiet quintessence.  As my emotional élans are steady eyes peeled ready for action.

To see my enterprising endeavors to feel the sex appeal of my thunderous triumph hearing the ringing of my cash register tasting the caviar cash flow swimming in my seas of divine supply .

Untethers my stellar prestigious pioneering seer-a-neering win-a-neering idealisms puts a beehive buzz in my canonized magical money flow soothing.

My ride thru life unwinds my divining diviner to dine in the limelight of my lavish luxury today and every day in the right way in a loving way right now in a prestigious prosperous way.

Frees my supreme peaceful relaxation opens my dignified impressive genius yea-sayer visualizing.

Laudable opulent cash-flow applauding my robust revenue zestfully invigorates my natural grandeur to escalate my appreciation as Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energies.

Ardently unleashed my godsend upshots sanctions talisman adeptness unlocks my genuine utopian revelations allow me victoriously accept my raving waves of wealth success prosperity.

Because I now understand I win by engaging my innermost wisdom igniting new intuitive intra-electricity lighting up the heavens.

With my maharishi magnetism opening out my majestic maestro orchestrating my omnificent regal character harmonizes my omniscient appeal.

Enticing me to recite my soothsayer trance-sing reverences amour-eyes-zing telltale idioms mirroring Nostradamus gist opens.

My astronomical astute farsightedness enlightens my keen insight too kinetically energetically emancipate new innate séances.

Initiating high-spirited truisms unzipping rip roaring newborn novelties to bolt like a colt.

To list the gist of upcoming events with genuine guise of my savant stalwarts playing mariachi trumpets lighting my eulogizing ensembles to flow from liberated librettist.

Freely giving away my lively infinite bountiful riches expands my talisman talent invigorating instant success tantalizing the ebb tides of peace prosperity for all this Holiday Season.

Unseals real resolution with a sapiential solution as we all lay down the swords of war opens out our inner lord’s sword frees people’s titanium backbone reveals.

The resolve of our pure seer silver tongue expressing lithe liberating love to cut thru the egotistical lashes of war that are a boring sore in the eyes of the world.

Opening out my opalescent oracle to say with robust rays of savory sunshine “Merry Christmas to you” as we all understand.

We are thee daring diamonds of championing fellowship righting the ship of forever friendship to experience “Peace on Earth” in an pristine effervescent way.

As people of the world relish fun in the sun for all today and every day authorizes me to say I win my game with wisdom innovation naturalizing me.

To understand I won my game of life reveals to me I won because I engage my sired desires expanding me.

To understand I now experience wealth infinite nirvana in a dignified deserving way opens my hallowed heart.

Sanctions my Yahweh’s winning worthiness to say “Thank you and appreciate God Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energies all the people of the world and me.”

Me to understand I encompassed the sand to expand into the wealth success love and plush luxury because I took a look and booked.

My undaunted utopian inward journey realizing my heart was my prospering wise opening sagacious eyes to be the stalwart steward of my outward escapades today in a lively loving way.

Thank You

Robert A. Wilson

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Amy Lignor

Writers Companion
Tom Ski



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