Relish in your ancestry! on Nov29 2011

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Uniquely  exquisite and wonderfully designed you are ; lineage; heritage, and  language; the very elements comprising  your DNA; eyes of teal blue,  smoky gray,  forest green,  honey brown, all fabulous and each brilliantly beautiful; making your visions and dreams youthful, bountiful and unusual.


Exclusively defining and  uncompromisingly equipped and able to maintain your status born to excel to the next level with ease.  Learn the art or craft  to  please you; enjoy it as a game with all spoils of the winner belonging to you!

Don’t ever cease being true and keep your eye on the prize;  expecting the unexpected; reaping respect, with  fortitude  and  increase that naturally occurs with a prize-fighting attitude……

You are a product of your ancestors, whom fought, sought and brought to you a more powerful, exposed existence; by doing for them what was tried-and true, sometimes  even  more and going beyond their apprehensions,  enforcing and guaranteeing  your survival; to thrive and circumvent your disappearance; planning for their posterity, they climbed mountains and valleys and battled their inner demons…..

All this to show a love to you; a love that you would not know;  So strong this love:  it came directly  to you  from your people that call you their own….

Your ancestors set a trend with no end; you have no right to break the chain that links you to them; for them you are already a winner; as you came after them; if they could see you, they would marvel at your countenance, your phenomenal regal, extra-ordinary Internet-dependent  existence……

Asking nigh for appreciation or recognition; your ancestors make a solid request of you: Do the same for your posterity too!

In the knowledge that you are truly and highly loved; were loved even before you came into existence; show homage to those whom  strived before you; to ordain a greater more meaningful existence  than they manifested on their own life  journey…..

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