Dauntless on Nov29 2011

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I Am a Free-Lancing Dancing Dauntless Avant-Garde
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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I am a free-lancing dancing dauntless avant-garde relishing prosperity as my pard excites my lightning quick wit setting free my thunderous truisms to launch my divine white light lance.
Flashing my bold laser beam of brilliant exhilarating accelerating modernisms that express success unchains and sustains my lively astute novel credence.
Expands my cowboy lets go wisdom to energize my state of the art visions unrestricting my iron-willed visionary to vehemently visual my enterprising endeavors in the moment.
Unsticks my prickly egotistical critic and its cowardly condemning contrition’s are now pardoned and discharged from partaking in my free-lance dance that produces and introduces.
My candid forward looking pioneer avant-gardist resolve dissolves all my Darth Vader naysayer invaders.
That loom creating all my inner doom in my inner innovator are now pulverized with my laser wise causing the cry.
When they try to spray acidic anarchy in my innermost enterprising earth trying to inter-fear with my innovative ideas is now demoralized pulverized and blown to smithereens.
Stalwartly sanctions my fearless frontiersman to live entertainer enlightenment singing songs of the heart with zestful zinging zeal.
As I saunter down my walk fame flaunts my free-lancing soothsayer.
To say “I was challenged by my inner Darth Vader naysayer as now you see my Darth Vader naysayer was laid to rest with my divine white light lance.
Of love applauds new cosmopolitan energies to listen glorifies new universal peace prosperity. Ennobling animated colorful epiphanies enlivening rainbow richness to dance and prance.
Into the universal utopia as my inner naysayers expand out of Darth Vader the raider into Lone Ranger shooting a silver bullet of wisdom into the heart of gallivanting galaxy.
Ignite the lighting of the lights on the Christmas tree of life sending out heartfelt Yule Tide Greetings.
Gratitude reaches everything everybody televising idyllic nirvana naturally giving simple.
“Merry Christmas” hellos top one and all so the whole world has a Christmas Ball today and every day in a mellow fellowship way.
Sashay away with our standing tall chins high eyes open allows us to b-bop on top of the world opening the way for my Yahweh avant-garde heart to emblaze amazing.
Prayers ardently revealing divinity opening spiritual serenity to be my diviner intertwine-r blazing amazing new frontiers of free-flowing revered omniscient nascent.
Taoism innovation edifying real sapience in my subliminal geography canonizes synchronicity magnetizing.
My metaphysical prowess and corporeal prodigies are now graciously on the same path establishing oracle opulence. In my philosophical and physical realms is now one having fun.
Generating robust affluence peacefully harmonizing yesses to correlate audacious never-ending omnific nobleness ignites zealous enterprising sixth sense.
Untethers my sovereigntist gist fuels the wonderment of my lavish emolument highlights the bountiful bounty as being the betterment of my life.
Unfettering my undaunted natural free energies tantalizing thaumaturgy eulogies to articulate my potentate prominence unlocks the locks opening the door of my lavish luxurious life.
To be lived in the present because I understand I am gift to the as everything and everybody is a gift to me.
So together we celebrate at a high rate of prosperity says “people realizing omnipotent serenity” prayers expanding real indigenous talent yessing my unconditional love for people and life.
As I lavish in my luxurious affluent vibrant income savoring harmonious experience today and every day with galvanizing gusto in a posh plush way and in divine order now.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Amy Lignor
Writers Companion
Tom Ski

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