Lend a helping hand; it may just help you too! on Nov27 2011

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The helping hand that you lend , may just be the goodness in you; helping your fellow man;  lovingly,dearly, giving your healing and energizing intention to the recipient from the giver; by your initiative and good deed and kind intention.


Languish in the flow of giving undaunted energy in random acts of kindness to a man, woman or child in a deserving situation.  Apply your innovation and good intention, use conventional or unconventional application abilities, rules or forms of engagement to bless another in their time of compromised finances or mobility, senility or youth.

Render your agility and your ability to aid in the current or permanent situation; yield or generate, or facilitate a gift, compromise or well-thought solution to dismiss the illusion of any task being a burden, an impossibility, or an unattainable dream….. For we all have  dreams that keep us alive, constantly in motion, well-intended and wise…

Return a shopping cart; bend on one knee to tie a shoelace; have pride, even if it’s not your lace that is being tied, do it with grace and ease.

Prepare an extra dinner plate; vacuum a room; retrieve  items from another’s shopping list; seal your good deed with a warm, tender handshake or a gentle embrace.  Appreciating as your reward, the leap your loving heart will make!

Help another by driving for them; a drive up the coast; to the grocery store; maybe even driving a little bit more, before dropping them off at home to be alone….

Do unto others; as you would have them do for you; realize their stead in life; be of assistance or benefit; to the ailing, elderly, or those too young to do for themselves: those that spend a lot of their growing time alone in the company of none.

For one day, you and me too will know what it is like  to walk in their shoes and to wish a compassionate soul will be giving and graciously willing to assist us too!

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