Our beautiful planet: Earth on Nov26 2011

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Ocean waters, beautiful mountain streams, The Great Lakes, rich, bountiful, abundant farmland…

From the beginning of time, we have been given a temporary place to stay; as we are all merely mortal; each with our own ticking  clock of time; complete with an expiration date; before we meet our fate.

Though the date and time of expiration unknown, we individually can choose to  excel and thrive  in the time that we are alive!

Each life like a bold, blaring, beaming star: listening to their  own  sweet souls calling…..

Questioning  what direction life is to take?  It  is  in  your inner thoughts that the answer shall be resolutely, resoundly  and remarkably  revealed.  Your progress sealed with innovative ingenuity, all that your limitless  mind can imagine, design and fathom in you own unique, inborn fashion.  When you design with judicious, unequivocal passion.

Our planet  too was  designed with  passion in  boundless awe and remarkable appeal.  An example, one of the Seven wonders of the world, the  Egyptian Pyramids to name a few.  The mountains, the hills, the daffodils; the ocean breezes, the Antarctic freezes, all wonderful and gloriously designed: Our beautiful,planet: Earth………

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