Black Friday on Nov25 2011

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Black Friday
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
On black Friday shoppers rise early to be the bargain hunting pearls swirling in out of malls unfurling their being in a hurry squirrelly-ness to arrive and thrive at the mall early to have a ball so I say.
“Happy shopping to one and all may your day at mall be a ball as you stand tall facing the brazen craze of the crazy shopping grazers.”
They have their blazing lasers beamed eyes gleaming “beware of me stare” they blatantly have on the fashionables toys for girls and boys on their list.
As they race across the mall beware of their balls to wall head to steam with rock n roll romp-em stomp-em satire to fire at anybody that gets in their way.
Ready to use and abuse their body as a bowling ball so when they are in they fink of their over think.
Thinking you have your eyes on their Christmas prize they hurl their bowling ball body seeing you thin like a bowling pin wanting their one of kind present.
Open your eyes to see they encompass a kick ass take name flame showcasing a thrilling willingness to knock you out of your socks.
Unleashes your wherewithal to understand “to stay well” you get the hell out of the way of the hoot and hollering bowling ball squallier.
So wow now you are standing tall on stage broadcasting you are sage because stayed out of the fray of the raging crazy shoppers landed you in malls hall of fame.
Opens way you to enjoy you holiday spree decreeing your shopping wise praising your get of the way moxie shows you are soothsayer seer relishing your black Friday experience with galvanizing gusto.
As you aggrandized a fun in the sun day “I wish you a regal rich Merry Christmas in a suave serene Santa Claus way.”
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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