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A letter to the Divine Creator

We all eat from the same beautiful, bountiful ocean sea.
We all fly to and return  from the same bright, blue sky
We all enjoy the same  brightly-lit stars, the milky way, the galaxy.
We all breathe from the same clean, fresh atmosphere
We all receive warmth, light and new growth from the same illuminating sun
We all reap the benefits  of the glowing moon; it balances the earth’s rotation;it
keeps the earth from wobbling; it moves the tides in the ocean; helping all animals breed new life.
We are all part of humanity; together we are all one.
THANK YOU LORD; I THANK YOU FOR GIVING; as we take a silent moment to reflect, appreciate; to observe your glory this Thanksgiving!
Thank you for breathing life into your planet: Earth
You have given us dominion over the planet and in return, you ask that we take of it and protect it.
 Thanksgiving: Thank you for giving us a place to live: to the divine creator  we,”Thank you,”again and again!

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