Happy Thanksgiving on Nov24 2011

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Wampanoag Wisdom and Pilgrim Pluck says Happy Thanksgiving
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Wampanoag Wisdom & Pilgrim Pluck says Happy Thanksgiving today to all the people in the United States in a joyous way allows people to unit in a bright light of love and gratitude.
Because they choose to let go of their differences to break bread threading new understandings in the universal landscape opening a clear blue sky beautification highlighting communication.
Opens the way for their oracle orators paves a pathway of peace and prosperity bequeathing to the United States and world populace today.
A poetic prophesy to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday is their divine right in the right way in loving way under grace in a picture perfect way.
By harmonizing optimum love idyllically declaring ardent yea-sayer cheer by blessing this Thanksgiving Festivities for all to share in a shiny new way.
Unsealing my daring ingenuity sanctioning me displaying my rays of sun from affluent accomplishments this year so now I take bow for my rabble rousing will.
Lighting up my inner resolve to say I was challenged…challenged solved by being involved divulging I am in willing to open my eyes to see the light of wisdom in my challenges.
I now live inside my inner wise in a rich regal way.
When I am listening to my core clairvoyants televises my opulent outcomes brightly beaming the beautifications of my clever communication enticing my drumroll listening unsheathes.
My proficiency correlates broadcasting firsthand keenness with all solar orators canonizing our commodore omniscience.
Accenting our appreciation the uniqueness of our clever differing visions that expands the winning acumen in people’s hearts too experience life in a new way freeing mature innovation.
Because I detached from the attachment of I am right the world is wrong was blight of bigotry that bit my signatory butt that mirrored the fear of dictators.
Licking their wounds bound in time binding their minds blinding their visions with the incisions of their decisions.
With their big-go egos seeking respect from people and the world because subliminally they suspect.
They disrespect themselves because they could smell their inner hell pell-mell-ling.
The smell from their commode when they dropped a load peevishly snuck into their bureaucrat nostrils giving them a hint.
That their crap they were rapping did stink of the fink of the overthink.
Unties the lies putting the fly in there disappoint when they hear bureaucrat puts forth a masculine fallacy they are tuff and in control but in reality.
That doused them with mouse-ism revealing to them they are doffed in the bluff of being.
Teflon tuff scared of the bear of truth has them diving under the bed dreading knowing what they know.
They live in strife unaware they are a scared-tee cat on the inside hiding inside their pride disallowing listening.
Blistering the cosmos with burping BS showed me the door of insane of the same unlocked a new me to discern to learn to earn a cascading cash flow.
With a respondent mind I am divinely fine being a proponent moment opening new avenues of parvenu peace applauding real virtuous energy nurturing unlimited prosperity.
From my core curio unbridles my gallant brio to savor my genuine hero liberating people.
From their ingrained speculations binds the mind with their intuitional-eyes-zed categorization of stagnation from history.
With an old mindset that anybody or anything thinks different than society hierarchy is wrong insolvent and living the wide of the mark way.
That statement is lily livered fable people have been told since the beginning of time keeping the world stabled in fables of I know what is best for you has to be let-go right now.
Highlighting my heart’s prominence saying “Happy Thanksgiving” to all in a swanky thankful delightful way.
As I boldly “I say hooray for my parade of peace on earth because of the common sense communiqué” of prayer animating real ardent decree electrifying.
My holiday spirit in a glorious godsend way authorizing me to say I aspire for you to relish a Happy Thanksgiving in a picture perfect way and in Divine Order.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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