Delight in Diversity on Nov23 2011

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Diversity comes in many forms: religious; customs; cultures; habits; ideas of judgment; laws; legal systems; and in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.


When they come together: they make a perfect design; one force of splendid beauty; defined and aligned to symbolize the end of difference and a splendor that will render a tender, congruent design.  One that is symbolic and old that will withstand the test of time…..

Like the colorful hues in a rainbow, each individually beautiful, shining and more visually appealing when they all come together as one.  A perfect design in the sky.

Remember, we all come in many different forms: shapes, sizes, classes and colors.  Engage yourself and join the masses that openly arrange to engage the diversity that abounds all around, wherever you go.  Be quick to appreciate diversity and facilitate the experience with your own smiling  countenance, let your  own uniqueness be shown.

Share your own diverse brilliance with others; maybe a co-worker; your doctor; your dentist, or another beautiful soul.

Always remember the privilege that diversity brings  to you and to me and especially to others.


Lorie Ann Jermoune


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