Sassy Rich on Nov22 2011

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I Am Omnific Savoring Sassy Rich Success
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
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I am omnific savoring rich success. I confess I listen to my sovereign genius gloriously enterprising eulogies from classy innovator.
Daringly unlocks my innovation from my inner kingdom beams bold clarity showcasing genuine regal rareness.
Unsealing my real Omni-oracle omnipotence magnetizing newborn ingenuity opening a win-a-tude attitude television expanding robust riches
Invigorating freedom igniting fearless steadfast boldness visually opens wisdom inciting new galvanizing sapience.
Suavely unleashes visions tantalizing my undaunted Utopian savvy subliminally unlocking confidence.
Heart fully thanking God Mrs. Universe the womb of enterprising energy and all the people in the world for sharing their life expanding wisdom they expressed to me energizing my infinite intelligence.
As the wisdom I expressed expanded their way life to fly in a new philosophizing way together our wisdom expands he cosmos.
To broaden the brilliant omniscience applauding innovation in people that never understood they encompassed the innovative wit until now.
Willfully invent tangible gadgets that ennoble people to live easier in every facet of their daily life unlocking newfound riches.
Because my undaunted Titan unsheathed newborn wisdom using my wise winning intrastellar vigor that abounds in the now opening celebration of my yea-sayer nirvana.
In an astounding way because, I let go of society’s ways and told my boldness to be the artful self-expression.
Opening a new way for people to understand they encompass volumes of vibrant liveliness unleashing maharishi enlightenment.
As I walk in my illumination of my naturalness broadcasting my divine destiny wisdom I grasped from stainless stateliness.
Because I looked in my soul reading my sublime minds book to write bright new passages in my subliminal pathways opening my conscious mind to expand my visionary authenticity.
Opening the way for my lively worthiness to glow in my heart as they flow into the universal ethers effortlessly freeing fervor love energizes the worldly wealth for others.
As my opulence to flows to me in bold bountiful way that galvanizes my cascading cash flow from moneymaking ideas.
As I walk down my hall fame corridor fathoming the experience of my Buckingham Palace richness today and every day in a plush lush way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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