Mythica: A Week of Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is one of the few non-religious holidays in America. It is centered around being grateful. So I decided that every day this week I would write about what I am grateful for. Yesterday it was for friends who were helping me with getting inhalers for my health, and a reflection on that in the greater sense of life.

Today’s gratitude is for the wonder that is the entire world, actually, the entire universe, that supports us. A friend of mine had posted something about being irritated at people who say “What has God ever done for me?” Suddenly there was an entire poem rushing forth out of me. Last night when I was at my favorite hang out, I wrote it out and read it to the people in the bar. It says everything. So if you have a hard time with being grateful because life has been really hard for you lately I encourage you to read it, even if you don’t really feel grateful.


Poem: What Did God Ever Do For Me?



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