Honor your space on Nov22 2011

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Give a gift of time, to yourself  time everyday; allocate a space of time especially for you; your obligations can wait……


Like the trees stop growing leaves; hence, they only stop for a short  while; their desire is the gift of time to regenerate their energy; replenish their vitality; and honor themselves; take a lesson from the trees and honor yourself  too…

Authorize a block of minutes daily to you for yourself; be in tune with all  the elements that came together and took form in the  heavens  and manifested on earth;the soul purpose pertaining to you, the perfect  designer, knew exactly  what to do; with purpose, not always seen on the surface;  breathing  life in you.  A three-dimensional being that is the uniquely- unequivocally crafted, gifted, rich and uplifted being;  You,   Comprised from  elements;  same as  the earth’s sand, water and a bit of  salt too; when the creator was done; a moment to honor your space was won….

Body; Soul; Spirit, inspired and designed with a unique existence; Aspire to nurture; nourish; encourage; engage yourself  you’ll  prosper and flourish…

Meditation; exercise; daily prayer,any  of these; hopefully, all three; you’ll advance your reverie, recovery, or perhaps new discovery.. Revel on any level; be the best you that you can be….  Honor your space…..

Namaste…….( The divinity in me honors the divinity in you)

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