Spiritual Seer on Nov21 2011

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I Am a Spiritual Seer Energizing My Omniscient Omnificence
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I am spiritual seer energizing my omniscient omnificence to clearly see my all-wise innovative inventor electrify my savvy sagacity boldly erupting my; “I told you so get-up and go!!!”

Ignites my kick ass sassy audacity unseals my wheeler dealer luminary visionary unleashing my divine designer brilliantly brightening my bona-fide oracle-wit.

In my core décor introduces and produces my keen forthright imaginative force to catch fire in my innermost dauntless desire initiating the appreciating my “omnific terrific ingenious artistry.”

To expand people’s lives by expanding my kingdom of wisdom allowing them to experience a life filled with lively intuitive freedom ennobling.

Their all wise unrestrained innovative power energizes their philosophizing pioneering seer to open out their peerless prosper-eyes-zing prophecies to realize there preferred life in a opulent copiousness in a picture perfect way.

Taking treasure in the pleasure of engaging in their inspired spiritual journey inaugurating their magical enlightenment letting-go of their meager uneager fears freeing their unconquerable soldier unbridling their triumphant titan clear their pathways in a brazen bold way.

As I listen boldly to my newborn soothsayer yea-sayer to walk into my cloudland incognita loudly galvanizing my soldier of fortune will setting free.

My gloriousness unleashing my I explore chief moxie to soar thru the door opening my cloudland incognita where my parvenu acuity waits so patiently for me to arrive to thrive in my dreamland cognitions.

Broadening my brilliant brainpower opens the way for the universe to shower me with my well-deserved lavish avalanches of sumptuous abundance.

As I grasp the candidness of my prestigious-ness showcasing the upshots of my judicious accomplishments.
Because I encompass potentate clout to walk in to the stormy clouds of chaos with my cloudland visions to ride the tide of my optimum opulence.

Enjoying my cloud nine frills thrilling realness of cognizing my dreamland extravaganza of my never ending overflow of lavish avalanches of sumptuous abundances.

Whoop-to-doing the fun dance in the sun sashaying down my walk of fame for high pay in a wonderful way today and every day in a picture perfect way.

Planting the seeds of my dignified deeds realizing-my entrepreneurial acumen magnetizes my resourceful revelations to unlock the cockiness of the inventive ingenuity with real brainy new-i-t-y.

Unbinding my mind to grasp the sapience I tantalize my yea-sayer prayers to innovative motivate and invent my way to success with my omnipotent oracle openness highlighting my delightful heart acuity branding my life with marque new plush prosperity.

To incite and excite my cascading cash-flow from my inner inventor because I now understand I encompass the astounding abounding percipience harmonizing omniscient omnificence prosper-eyes-zing genuine genius to empower my life.

Because I am the man with winning plan realizing I am the prize of my wise to relish the triumph of independence by letting go of thinking money comes from a company corporation or an outside sources.

Opens out a new shrewd understanding I am the source of my supply opening unworldly resources cultivating-my instinctive avant-gardism to experience.

My life with rousing enthusiasm authoring my fortune accounts to swell from my prosperity wells that flow in the glow of gigantic lively opulence unleashing my wow.

Tells the world my wisdom opens my wealth-eyes em-blazing-amazing love in all facets of life living today in my mountain villa in unrestrained utopia today and every day in omnific terrific way.

Thank You
Robert A. Wilson
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