Feed your soul with faith;feed what you believe; toast to the divine in you on Nov21 2011

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Feed your soul with faith; feed what you believe; toast to the divine that covers, and protects you…

All knowing and powerful are you; well-equipped and divinely designed; toast to the divine that lives in you.

Unlock your faith, like a locked car door, decide to follow what you believe through and through; your own internal compass will guide you….Internal screams, all-knowing and all-powerful; cry for you to feed your soul…….

Like a chilled, delicious, red, ripe apple you are eager to eat, like holiday candy chocolatey and sweet……Feed yourself everyday and drink in the sensitivity that nurtures the words that you say; Read the letter of faith; use your wisdom discernment; Discipline your inner chatter; Focus on thoughts and actions that truly matter …..

Allow your heart to lift; allow your own compassion to breed your actions…..

The faith that you nourish contains the conviction of your beliefs; small pearls of wisdom and light, can grow into giant stars that take flight; Bringing you expansion beyond your comprehension …

Meditate and imbibe your faith; Raise your crystal-etched, champagne glass and make a tantalizing toast; celebrate freedom from outdated thoughts; traditions and ideas that no longer serve you.  Toast to the divine in you that nourishes, enlightens and protects you……..

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