Future Is Now: Miami Condo, Drive To Your Apartment On 36th Floor

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“Finding a parking space near their front door will no longer be a worry for anyone lucky enough to live in the new multimillion pound, 57-storey condo planned for Miami.

Instead they can just pull into a designated space, turn off the engine and sit back and enjoy the oceanfront view as they are escalated in a glass elevator to the front door of their apartment.”


The futuristic-looking Porsche Design Tower will be a sparkling jewel in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The ultra-modern tower is destined to be a tourist attraction; I feel like booking a vacation to Miami right now.

I have my own driveway where I can park three or four cars, plus I could park three more in front of my house. But when I lived in San Francisco it was a hassle trying to find a parking space within walking distance of my apartment. It`s a tremendous luxury and convenience to be able to take an escalator while in your car and park it right in front of your apartment.

As you are riding up the escalator to your apartment you can look down on all the hotties sunbathing in the beach. Miami is heaven on Earth, and you will feel like a God living in this fabulous condo.

A condo in this tower will cost about 9 million; too rich for my blood. I would be arrested if I tried to sneak a ride up the escalator in my 15-year-old Jeep.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2063535/Miami-luxury-Sunny-Isles-Beach-condo-DRIVE-36th-floor-apartment.html#ixzz1eGSW8ijx

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One Response to Future Is Now: Miami Condo, Drive To Your Apartment On 36th Floor

  1. Mike

    Sounds great. Soon you won’t have to have any human contact whatsoever! (well, other than those you pay for).

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