Season and reasons on Nov18 2011

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Even the seasons have their reasons


Like the leaves that whither; on a cold, autumn day, now fallen to the ground; there is a reason for the seasons……….

In the season of joy, in the season of love, in the season of lack, in the season of love, enjoy your time and revel in the seasons…………….

Like roasting chestnuts turning colors; infusing pleasing flavors, with beautiful tastes that the recipient savors…… A good fire, refining and releasing a beautiful, brown hue to be enjoyed by you…

As the soft, delicate, red, rose bush drops its buds, it allows new light; new hope, new leaves…..

With the autumn leaves falling from the trees, comes the many colors; red; yellow; brown; orange; and green… Allowing new growth and new life, at an appointed day and time…

On the cold winter nights as the, grizzly bear hibernates, they are at peace, and not pining for a mate…….. Getting rest and reprieve from their desire to hunt; eat; and conceive; replenishing their energy……

Summer is the season between spring and fall, when the fallen leaves of dying plants and trees fertilizes the ground.  Plants and trees authorize seeds as they relieve themselves by dropping what no longer serves them; leaving room for new growth; loyalty and truth is their oath to increase, expand and set free….

Spring brings the anxious skies, sometimes rain with thunderstorms, warmer temperatures and unexpected heat; with the new sunrise comes the opportunity; there is a reason for the seasons





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