Mythica Framed in FL on Nov18 2011

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Mythica Framed in FL

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The Author I am love creatively expressed, through poetry, chalk art, body painting, parties, and random acts of kindness; being the arms and legs of the divine, speaking with love, on worthiness, beauty, hope, & forgiveness. But most of all, unconditional love in daily action. I am who I am. Poet, Chalk Artist, Body Painter, Event Guru, Reiki Master, Spiritual Mistress, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reverend, HPS of the Universe, Actor, Director, Activist, Public Speaker, Lover of Life, Bringer of Hope, Social Networker, and so much more... As for the regular stuff... I graduated from Metro with a dgree in Psychology, with minors in art and theater spring of 2011. I am a published poet. Grew up in Virginia. My parents and siblings live in Hallendale, FL. I live in Denver, CO. I'm a saggitarius. Anything else you'd like to know, please just ask, I am insanely friendly. My poetry is here: My life is here: My videos are here: | All posts by | Topic: | Tags: None

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