Undaunted Savant on Nov17 2011

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My Undaunted Savant Flaunt My Dauntless Determination
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My undaunted savant flaunts my dauntless determination decreeing the free spree of my undeterred utopian to realize I am the preeminent prize of my soothsayer doer ardently.
Articulating I am a rare regal avatar revving-up-my entrepreneurial breeding branding-my real enterprising energies distinguishing.
My bona-fide revolutionizing acumen naturalizing desire igniting my ardent fire exciting newborn genius freeing my winning wise to willfully invigorating-my neon-moon nirvana.
Inspiring new-fangled grandeur grandstanding my innermost get and go to gyrating the vibrating of my vitality to robustly-trust God.
Mrs. Universe the Womb and my adroit abilities to empower the wow of my ingenious élans to be the appealing design applauding my nu-clear revelations emblazing.
My enduring dedication stalwartly thrilling my nimble genii expressing my amazing dignity unlocking the revered ranting.
Of my avant-garde pard to parlay the colorful crafting of my amazing graceful astute affirmations defying the lies of fear expanding fear into refined insight ennobling.
The reversing fright fear into light of fear to be my trendsetter friend enticing astute rich wisdom engaging.
The mobilizing of my noble knight to ride so gallant thru the night of chaos in to the sunrise of warrior wise opening my adventurous eyes to see the dawning light illuminating.
My heart sharp brilliances playing my hallowed harp music unblocking my intuitive win-innovation projecting.
The interjecting my Nostradamus prophecies authorizing my fortuneteller foresight to take flight to harmoniously animate-my rabble-rousing pioneer unleashing my troubadour ardor.
To freelance the dance of sumptuous success on cloud nine while drinking fine wine televising my undaunted savant flaunting my dauntless determination unlatching the chutzpah.
Of my wisdom innovation nurturing enterprising trilogy trilling my frills fox trotting real impeccable lively love suavely boogying.
To my daredevil thrills to twirl the world with my forthright preeminence showing the world my wealthy waltz feeling spry and alive rock-n-rolling doing my triumphant tango to the woo.
Of who I am to walk proud and loud down my red carpet accepting my Oscar for winning in my spiritual show and my physical play.
To fly high on the tide of opulent copiousness today and every day in rich wise way and in Divine Order.
Thank You
Amy Lignor
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