Looking through the window of life on Nov17 2011

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Release your story; unfreeze your brain from the mental drain; that only served to feed your pain.

Allow yourself to engage in the cleansing breeze; enriching yourself as you breath; release pent-up frustration, anguish and pain; engaging your inborn gentleness in carefree ease; strive to please you not for me.

By expanding yourself and your intention, it is a feat worthy of mention; it is all in your hands to expand your world; by expanding your world your heart-healthy vibration expands mine too and we break the cycle of chaos in the zoo……

Know that in quiet, silence, you alone are omnipotent and all powerful; all part of letting the ego GO….

It once served you, though how you don’t know…….


Enrich your life and eliminate strife; engage your dreams, accelerate your means………

Energize your talents, hidden hopes, and inherited grace; let the sunshine overtake your face….

As the Lord provides for all; with a new sunrise every day; it is His promise whether we work, sing, dance or play….

Enjoy the journey that we call life, in the knowing, without a doubt, that you are loved by the infinite energy that comes from Him above….

Rest in the knowing by showing that you are geared in the promise of a new beginning with a limitless ending………………..

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