Bodypainting: How do I get YOUR Job!?

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I love sitting around with a bunch of new people and telling them I am a body painter. Some one always pipes up, “How do I get your job!?” I have to laugh at them. Besides needing to be talented, you need to respect women’s bodies. If you are just some guy who is not keeping his mind on the art aspect of the job, word gets around, and no one will let you paint them. Respect fellas.

I am an artist. Being an artist I am also deeply spiritual. Body painting for me is a spiritual act. Most of the people I paint are models. Some are people who trying to face their fears and be body painted to prove something to themselves. I have a piece of paper in which I have written something in calligraphy that I have each of the people I paint on read, or I tell them:

I paint your body because we can all use more love and attention to the sacred temple of the divine, our bodies crave such intense… attention with intension, to heal, empower, to affect on the molecular level our water, our soul, our child, our very being cries out for such creative expression, such intimacy through colors of the rainbow pigmented water of… such Love of creation to momentarily give one’s whole focus to another human being in such an intimate way to make them my sole beloved, in this singular moment & listen to what is… being called out for in body, mind, emotion, or spirit what is needed, drawn, painted, on and in energy, to Love to the core connecting to the Divine in myself and in the one who gives me the honor of painting them.

That is what body painting is to me.

Last Friday I had a young lady who was so nervous. I assured her that once I started painting on her she would be fine. The energy is very visceral. She started to relax and in the end, she was swaying when I was painting her face because she had her eyes closed… she was amazed at her own transformation. Even models have stretch marks, and places on their body they don’t like. I don’t allow them to fixate on that with me. To me they are beautiful… ALL of them. What media has done to all of us is atrocious. When I body paint I am taking those negative messages and replacing them with love, on a physical level.

How do you get my job?

You have to love people. Really love them, unconditionally, and then paint that, on them.




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