It takes a village on Nov16 2011

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It takes a village…………………

Children are God’s promise that your family legacy lives on…….

It is in the strong bond with another that we design; like a lasting song; that resonates in the joy that is brought  about by the birth of every little girl and every little boy arriving to your village……….

It is our opportunity not to pillage our village, embrace the joy of every girl and every boy.

With a little girl come the ribbons and curls and whirrles, of shouts and cries.

With a little boy come toy trains, cars and planes; kicks, shouts and sighs,

In the village of family: grandparents; sisters; brothers; aunts; uncles; cousins; and friends; we keep our promise to raise our children; it takes a village until the end……

When our children grow, all we know is how to comfort and sooth.

Allowing them to engage and learn and expand on their own.

As young adults our children reflect the words and works that we have sewn.

It takes a village to raise our own…..


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