Florida: Thief Run Over By Her Partner In Crime

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“Police in Florida said a woman who stole beer from a convenience store was run over by her getaway vehicle when she fell from the passenger door.” UPI

The female thief, whose name was not released by the authorities, fell and was run over because the getaway driver began to drive away before she got all the way inside the vehicle.

There is no honor amongst thieves, the male driver panicked and hit the pedal to the metal. He didn`t care that he ran over his partner in crime, he wanted to get the hell away from the scene of the crime before the cops arrived.

Many random and cruel things happen that make you wonder if life has meaning, but perhaps this is proof that there is an intelligence behind the curtains. Karma bit the lady in her rear end, I`m just sorry the getaway driver wasn`t behind the wheel of a Mack truck. (Just Kidding, no flaming emails please.)

The woman is in the hospital in stable condition, and her partner is in jail. All`s well that ends well.

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