Dog Eats Stash Of Cash, Florida Couple Pours Peroxide Down Its Throat

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“A Florida couple said they had to force their dog to vomit when the canine ate an envelope containing $1,000 cash.”


Christy Lawrenson said her husband forced the poor pooch to vomit by pouring peroxide down its throat. The couple didn`t have to force their dog to vomit, they should have accepted blame for leaving a stash of cash in a place that was easily by the canine, and not tortured the animal to get their money back.

Dog owners know that man`s best friend has a penchant for chewing objects that are within his grasp, it`s an outrage that the Lawrensons inflicted pain on their innocent pet in order to get their crappy money back.

When a kid says “my dog ate my homework”, it`s the child who gets punished — not the dog. The Lawrensons should be charged with animal cruelty, and their pet should be taken away from them.

If my pooch ate a stack of hundred dollar bills, I would never pour peroxide down her throat, and I would never wipe off the feces from hundred dollar bills. Forcing down peroxide down a dog`s throat is criminal, and wiping off dung from hundred dollar bills is disgusting.

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