Ode to dad on Nov14 2011

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Ode to dad

As a young girl, I had a special love for my father; I lovingly called dad.

He showed me how to communicate from my heart.  As I reminisce about his teachings, I realize that dad was pretty smart.

Careful with his words always striving to convey the brighter side of life; the unbridled hope of a new day…

He encouraged me and built me up and inspired me to dream. “Dream big,” he said and,” Don’t quit!”

“Your way to success will be your quick wit!”  Words of encouragement that offered me nourishment still resonate with me today.

Enriching my life, as I am a wife, he always told me that he was proud.  He told me that life taught him a lot and what he most sought was a peaceful life with a loving wife that was just like me.  He told me that his greatest accomplishment was being a father to my sister, my brothers and me.  He loved my mother dearly and the children that she gave him.  They parted ways when I was young and both succeeded in their lives.  Dad’s one regret was that he let her get away and his blue skies turned to gray.

I still remember him taking my little brother and me out for candy; much to mom’s chagrin. “ It’s okay, dad would say, they can enjoy this fun time with me!”  He reveled in our smiles and drove many miles to provide and continued to guide.  He still continues to guide me as his spoken words permeate my thoughts, hopes and dreams.  Last year, dad went home to be with the Lord and I thank God for his time on Earth; dad always had a cheerful word to facilitate my self-worth!   Thank you dad with love!

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