Beauty from you to me…. on Nov13 2011

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Beauty from you to me….

Everyday as I awake, I eagerly anticipate what beautiful things God has in store for me……..

If I cook, or clean or wash clothes; it is in the simplicity that beauty surrounds me.

As I wash my clothes and see dirt and grime washed away; it is in keen relation to life;allowing the old to be washed away;giving room for new experiences; giving a new life to your clean clothes.  In the newness comes the beauty in appreciating the unknown from you to me; from me to you….

Like soap suds in my laundry going down the drain; I allow myself to release the pain; as clean, rinse water  cleanses my clothes, I allow light to cleanse, and energize my life by the light of wisdom  and appreciation; I enrich my life and enjoy the beauty from you to me from me to you..

As I mop and dust and remove the rust, I remove the mask that once covered my face.

Allowing myself and you to engage in our dreams, judgmentfree; the beauty from you to me; from me to you..

Lorie Ann Jermoune

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