I Can on Nov12 2011

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I Understand I Can Because I Said Yes I Can
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I understand I can because I said Yes I can to realize my adventurous audacity frees authentic spree today as the greatest day to play my game of my life since I recognize my inner-prize.
Comprises the wise to cognize I am a the prudent student edifying me as proponent of the moment to unleash my kapish of my winning moxie to mobilize my eyes energizing.
My Yahweh electrifies my majestic sagacity yes-zing my zeal appeal exhibited by my hearts smartness unfurling my preeminent pluckiness.
To engage my savvy sage to show my philosophizing prophet to free my nomadic nobility to thrive in the arrive rabble-rousing regal opening my enterprising eyes freeing.
My prosperity wise unlocking my silent omnipotent wisdom to dime the rhyme I energize the universe with preserve acuity galvanizing the never-ending overflow.
Of my green pristine cash-flow because I choose to understand I can trust my canonized abilities aggrandizing bountiful income love intuition tantalizing innovation ennobling-a smorgasbord.
Of wealth to flow in the go genuine omniscience allowing my prosperity accounts to glow with sumptuous supply of my divine inheritance from all sources in the universe.
Because I said YES I CAN to my intentions birthing my sired desire unsheathing my blazing trailblazing visions emancipating my amazing sincerity to see the world as opulent opportunity.
By understanding I encompass the whomp-em-popp-em gallantry to walk into the fires of chaos armed with intuitive innovation to shine my light of wisdom.
Into the heart of the challenge disengaging the pessimism with avatar acumen to be the soothsayer slayer of mutant negativity opening the way for my charismatic Christ within.
To fly like an eagle now because Yes I can expand to realize I change drama into trauma by creating drama transforming into trauma healing the trauma.
With drama as I once rode in the commode on the merciless merry-g0-round of feeling good inside society’s social bureaucracy dimming my winning will.
Highlights my crisp new meaning to understand the sapless silliness of change heal transformation and create.
Authorizes me to leave my sapless silliness in the desert to vanish into no-man’s land you expand I can to understand Yes I can.
Freeing my winning willingness to page my prominent astute genius expanding my wisdom to walk in the light of my luminary intelligence gyrating harmony telepathically.
Energizing my entrepreneurial utopian to broaden my horizons to experience my plush desired luxurious life in a rich robust way.

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  1. 1 Lorieann on November 12, 2011 6:13 pm

    I enjoyed this writing so much so that I have already reread it 4 times today! Each time, allowing something new to enrich me; authorizing something new to come through and expand my way of thinking!

    Beautiful Rob!!!!!

    Lorie Ann Jermoune

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