Prospering Eyes on Nov8 2011

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I Open My Prospering Eyes Energizing My Enterprising Wise
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I open my prospering-eyes energizing my enterprising wise whisking my core Thor unhinging my magical hammer hallowing astute magnanimous mystical eulogies Yule Tiding.
The releasing of the pessimism of the world which people express self-sabotaging idioms monograming instant scarcity miserably expecting life to be easy waiting for somebody give them everything they need and want.
Instead pessimism undocks my ship feisty of my Christ within flinging my hearts vim and vigor to slay pessimism with a preeminent prophet to say boldly with dignity.
I am who I am in my dauntless core conquistador unbridling my common sense to blow like the wind exuding my farsighted brilliant love opening wisdom throughout.
The universal ethers to be serene seer shining my peerless divine white light energizing the earthly landscape authorizing.
My astute audacity unsheathing my searing tongue to be the sword the cuts thru the lies of egotistical haughtiness world expresses opening the way for.
My sagacious stalwart to be the purposeful perfect expanding savant sapience initiating-my magnificent intuitive soothsayer marvelousness.
Authorizing my sanguine sassiness unleashing the kapish of my cruising perusing Zeus to unlock my patriarch sacredness unsealing the real appeal of my matriarch magic.
Opening my risk taking regal igniting superstar kinetics magnetically setting free my frisky enterprising wise-eyes to see the world as a pristine prosperity playground of wow freeing.
The pow of my worldly opportunities populating omnipotent whoop birthing my winning harvest-of-my opulent opulence.
Because I chose to partake in the bountiful take of my opulent opportunities opening prudent prodigies optimizing.
Real tantalizing utopian newness tenaciously yessing my prospering prowess electrifying my saintly silhouette in the cosmopolitan cosmos.
Realizing I choose to cowboy up facing my challenges with a cavalry chivalry opening the way for my never ending sashaying cash flow to fill my prosperity accounts like all the rivers of the world.
Flowing to the seas of supply and the oceans of lavish luxury to understand all the waters ways of the world connect just all the people of the world connect in higher realm of genius.
Today and every day in loving infinite freedom expanding the grandeur in each other in a lively rich way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy & The Visions of a Cowboy At You will open your life expeiences with Money is My Friend, Letting Go CD and DVD.
Tom Ski
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