Dear Commissioner Helhoski: Hammock Dune/Beach Blvd.

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Dear Commissioner Helhoski,
I am hearing rumors from the people that Hammock Dunes, is a done deal, this is sad not only for Whispering Oaks but also it is going to be to be devastating to Beach Blvd. I have written this before, you cannot buy a Sand Dune or matured Live Oak Tress, this Dune and trees will be gone forever. You have the jewel and all of you are caretakers of this Island, this decision will have an impact on businesses that have been here for years, I think you can see the picture.
In my opinion, today it seems that people will sale their heart and soul for the dollar or is this situation called, greed! I am seventy now so what difference does it make if I am so blunt but I think I am wiser now but always young at heart.
I am sure you know that my family were preservations in the 1800′s and passed that passion especially to my son, Jim. Jim had a vision for all people’s history, he wrote the book and I have to end it.
I thought I could make a difference with this situation but it looks like it was already decided. Some people think it is only for the nine houses that it will impact but they don’t see the whole picture. I will also say this again, we are all getting older but what about the future generations. They will be looking at concrete, stores and traffic. We have to leave this world a better place than we found it. 
My heart is heavy tonight but I will somehow keep the fight and passion in my heart. I hope all of you would walk the beach from the new Walkway that the City built it is so peaceful as you walk the curve, see the birds, the dunes and homes but no man can make, the White Sand or the Ocean. When you turn left look at the Pier and start that walk, close your eyes and be blessed, smell the Ocean and breath the air.Then cross over to F/A Cafe and start your walk back until you end up at the Publix Shopping Center, turn around and take a long look at the Green Space and Beach Blvd, I see the trees atop a Dune just think what you will see in the near future, nothing but concrete, dumpster’s, cars and NO GREEN SPACE!
Also I hope you look at the CD I made.
Josephine Curtis
Whispering Oaks Subdivision

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