Soothsayer Groove on Nov5 2011

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I Am in the Mood Exalting my Soothsayer Groove
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am in the mood exalting my soothsayer groove unleashing my shrewd attitude propelling my prudent prodigies setting free my prosper-eye-zing prowess unlocking.
The blocks of my brave lissome oracle candidly knelling-the-compelling paging of my rebel rousing sage engaging my regal rich realness enriching galvanizing ardor lighting the right.
Intuitive charisma hallowing my hero unsheathing my superstar uniqueness nurturing-my luminary love optimizing capabilities kinetically igniting native gloriousness.
Gleaming my beaming bold brilliant opulent dauntless lively omnipotence revolutionizing intrinsic omniscience unleashing sapiential.
New essence supernaturally streaming enterprising vitality visually invigorating terrific astuteness lighting-up inventive tenacity.
Yessing my soothsayer groove parlaying the partaking igniting my divine white light to take flight zestfully zinging.
The winging my daredevil dance initiating the prance of my preeminent realness applauding nascent shrewd attitude.
To soar in the land of utopia to sway in my harmonious hummock relishing my plush prosperity to pristine see the world with prospering-eyes realizing opulence.
Sagaciously philosophizing emotional real innovativeness tantalizing Yule-Tide wealth today and every day in a phenomenal prophet-eyes-zing way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy & The Visions of a Cowboy At You will open your life experiences with Money is My Friend, Letting Go CD and DVD.
Tom Ski
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