Devout Clout on Nov4 2011

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My Devout Clout Shouts Out My Sanguine Sassiness
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My devout clout shouts out my sanguine sassiness unleashes my peer seer preeminence beaming my luminary wit zooming my grooviest grandeur showcasing.
My divine white light brightening my regal rich realness that boldly apexes the sexiness of my awesomeness hallowing the harmony of my innermost heavenly skies.
Embracing the rousing of carousing charisma ablaze-zing real omnipotent utopian sapience invigorating-my Namaste glow galvanizing my enlightenment of my pie in the sky image.
Unbinding my sublime mind to see my inter-solar mirror animating-my genius energies highlighting my delightful distinguished personage dignifying.
My dauntless individualism generating new-fangled imagination freeing Yule-Tide intrepidness naturalizing-my get and go igniting of the lighting of my lithe ingenuity.
Emblazing my amazing awe-inspiring prophesizing wisdom personifying honouring my magnificent Yahweh dawning enterprising visions opening-out.
My undaunted trailblazing cognizance letting out unprecedented trendsetter optimistically unsheathing terrific manifestations yessing.
Sumptuous utopia applauding newborn genii unlocking intuitive nuances expanding superstar gutsiness authorizes me to walk in the light of my canonized abilities trusting.
My willingness to accept a free flowing cash flow of love wealth wisdom gratitude with an appreciative attitude because I understand the energy of life.
Today and every day with a fresh crisp outlook seeing and seizing the omniscient opulence in me to see the opulent opportunities that silently present themselves in a vim and vigor way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy & The Visions of a Cowboy At You will open your life experiences with Money is My Friend, Letting Go CD and DVD.
Tom Ski
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