Clout of My Divine Divinity on Nov3 2011

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I Am Privy to Divvy Out the Clout of My Divine Divinity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am privy to divvy out the clout of my divine divinity that opens way for my magical maharishi to affluently galvanize-the-wise-of-my intra-stellar clairvoyance sagaciously hallowing.
My innate intrepidness that initiates the date mating my animated thaumaturgy igniting-the-light-of-my neon geniusness never-end expanding omnipotent nuances galaxy-eyes-zing.
My genuine phenomenon profoundly astounding the atmosphere with my visionary valor that I expressed from chillaxed cosmic commodore that opens my door to soar understanding.
I am secure in the solar incognita audaciously revolutionizing the igniting of my bright light of my luminary enlightenment highlighting my newborn telepathy releasing.
My emancipating perspicuity initiating debonair nirvana expanding-my supersonic superstar avatar thru my core spirituality showcases my awesome inner galactic genius to unwind the infinite affinity.
Unlocks my undaunted neuro-linguistic wisdom invigorating natural determination magnifying yesses unleashing new-found dexterity aggrandizing natural talent electrifying.
My dauntless flaunt of my vaunted dawn playing on lawn of life ardently waking-up natural-eyes-zed love affluence wisdom naturally feeling the wheeling dealing.
Freeing my spontaneous savant listening to my phenomenon-eyes-zing prophet emblazing the glow of my get and go unlock the cockiness of my soothsayer self-assuredness to rock n roll.
My galactic luxurious lucidity opening my optimizing my wonderful worldly wisdom to experience life in a lively wonderful way.
As I express my enterprising wise opening my prospering eyes seeing the preeminent prosperous me to surf wave after wave of fame and fortune.
Because I let go of being dry docked and blocked in my core glory to surf to the waves of expand unraveling wisdom affluence visions of entrepreneurial energies.
Saying I won my game of plush of prosperity because I love who I am today and every day in a divine divinity way and in Divine Order.
To say Thank You to all in the universe for being part of my jovial journey in an aggrandizing appreciative way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy & The Visions of a Cowboy At You will open your life expeiences with Money is My Friend, Letting Go CD and DVD.
Tom Ski
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