Alive Like a Beehive on Nov1 2011

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I Am Alive Like a Beehive with the Buzz of Because
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am alive like a beehive with the buzz of because, because I am brazenly emblazing-my credence astutely unsheathing acumen-eyes-zing soothsayer enterprising energies to propel.
Compelling the thrills of my rich regal realness into the state-of-the-art ethers expanding tenacious hegemony enthralling revolutionizing stainless dignity.
Authorizing me to recognize I am a buzzing brilliant utopian zeal zooming boom of my bold omnipotent omnipotence magnificently.
Presenting my genuine titanium spine because I am a preeminent prophet arousing my seer prowess exposing the composure of my sassy sagaciousness unleashing the beehive buzz.
Freeing my prowling prodigies engaging my internal sage to be on center stage spicing-up-my audacious geniusness ennobling my nobility by blissfully listening to my stainless core savant.
Whose impeccable wisdom sends my ego into a fury creating a snowy flurry blur in my conscious mind allowing me to plant a parvenu seed of wisdom potently pollenating.
A new marvelous maharishi paradigm mirroring the bee pollenating a field of yellow clover sending me right over to be smell the aroma of sweet success.
Because I understand freedom flow when I let go of being stuck in the malfunction dysfunction say I will take a chance that is a lance puncturing my imaginative innovation.
Instead I say I am in the glow of my innovative flow to be on the go uncovering and discovering the opulent opportunities that do the flash and dash into my life today and every day.
Opening out my winning will to see I thrive in my beehive of life letting-go intuitively freeing entrepreneurial visions to bestow my hallowed harmony unlocking my Yule-Tide yearnings.
Yessing effusive affluence realizing newborn inventive nirvana galvanizing serenity to feel my enterprising emotional wisdom expand in the kingdom silence to emancipate.
The drama and trauma of my egotistical haunted haughtiness has me constipated in the constant busy-ness of nothingness creating burn of turmoil of thinking of what I should be doing.
Instead showcasing my savant sapience listening in silence expand my wisdom delighting the light of my soul’s superstar oracle uniqueness’ loving every day by patronizing my wise.
Enriching my conquistador cognitions to embellishing experiencing my cherished extravaganza I call my daily life in the space of everything expand by listening in silence.
I am alive like a beehive experiencing the buzz of because I choose to let go opening my Yahweh to free in my spiritual spree to engage in the people of the world to living in.
My state of the art tapestry highlighted in my third eye canvas painted from my heart artistry today and every day in a alive like a beehive way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Tom Ski
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
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