Core Curio on Oct31 2011

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My Core Curio Opens Out My Adventurous Hero
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
My core curio opens out my adventurous hero freeing my valiant voyager to soar with avatar stalwart omnipotence audaciously revolutionizing unworldly utopian foresight unlocking.
The swagger of my internal tiger to walk the earthly realm enlivening the deity ethers with intuitive innovation.
Expanding tantalizing heartiness edifying robust servitude to expansively express my undaunted newborn wisdom optimizing real liveliness.
Dawning lively yesses unbridling my hierophant listening to my heart hegemony opening out my Yahweh electrifying savant sapience energizing superstar utopian profoundness effusively.
Realizing success tenaciously amplifying real romp-em stomp-em shark attack action on my internal intentions seeing the worldly landscape as spiritual tutor.
Because does the physical world exist or is everything a spiritual image of our subliminal landscape HMMMM allowing me to fissure my seizure of being attached.
To my materialistic belongings that have me longing for what everybody else has unseals the deal that causes a quake.
In my awakening authorizing-a winning attitude kinetically ennobling new-fangled ingenious nirvana galvanizing my enterprising wise to visual-eyes the people
I meet instantaneously unblocks my core glory to glisten-while-I listen opening-out-my real Yahweh wisdom.
When I ask “What is the life expanding wisdom this person going to bless my life with today as I bless their life with aggrandizing acumen.”
Opens the way for me to live in love innovation vibrantly energizing my core décor sunlit wit to shine with neon newness expanding omniscient newborn brilliance.
Unpeels the feisty diplomacy of the real me showcasing my bona-fide revelations igniting-my liberating librettist invigorating nu-clear seer prophecies.
Opening the way for my inner me to be the prime time prize of my daily experience because I choose.
To let go drama of the corporate media-eyes-zed world unsheathing my pioneering pearl of willingness.
To expand into I let go my life expands because I am now the triumphant trailblazer standing tall in forest of my sequoia of sapience.
Portraying my stalwart avatar pioneering inventiveness emblazing newborn credence energizing my innovative intentions.
To walk with the swagger of a tiger thru the jungle of life vibrating the fervent frequencies’ of unlimited wealth and sumptuous success.
Because I choose to let go of the I told you so old live in the buzz of because I am who I am freeing my spiritual spree to understand I receive my divine inheritance.
To give my winning wisdom to galvanizing the universal vista with vibrant intuitive supply teaching affluence freeing people to experience their Grand-Ole-Opry hall of fame days in a lavish luxurious way.
As I sashay down my bountiful boulevards of abundance I richly deserve in a plush prosperous way today and every day in a free flowing loving way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Tom Ski
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
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