Brave on Oct29 2011

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I Am Brave in the Rave of My Lively Clarity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I am brave in the rave of my lively clarity opens the way for my bona-fide revelations-to applaud-my vigor expanding internal newness tantalizing hallowing energies revving-up audacious verve
Electrifying-my omnipotent flow-of money yessing love intuitively verbal-eyes-zing exuberant laudable Yule-Tide
Consciousness letting-go authorizing-my revolution-eyes-zing innovative televised Yahweh to express omniscient wisdom
From inner core allows my poised prophet to be the student to be the leader with my savant energizing genius open
To agreeing my maharishi chi is the student to be the teacher to understand I am the student of the universal wisdom
To be triumphant trailblazer by listening Yahweh of the cosmos realizing it is in the silence of the galaxy within me I expand my wisdom
I recognize the prize of my new wise I see feel touch smell and taste in my daily escapades because I understand to expand thru this parvenu paradigm
Hindsight is taught by the social order to keep people looking in the rear view mirror smearing their fears allowing the plow of disallow in all your imaginative scenery engulfing
Your internal landscape with think and know embedding the wetting of societies fears are the populaces fears so now open your cognitive conquistador to I let go of
The fears taught by civilization takes a long never ending walk on a path to no-where and vanish into oblivion in every fiber of my spiritual presence because I am a spiritual energy engaging in a spiritual adventure
Freeing-my ennobling astute resolve sending forth my I can hero unsealing my sassy sex appealing canonized abilities to experience my daily encounters
With galvanizing grit to live and reside in lavish avalanches of plush prosperity saying presto Abracadabra all my sired desire appear in my life in the wow on now
Relish this keen parvenu perception that Hindsight is really your innermost intuitive innovator saying a spurring sureness
“I told you so because everything that has ever transpired to be the fire of chaos your higher self-enterpriser told you either to do something or stay away like it is the bubonic plague creating your chronic complaining”
Unlocks the blocks of humanity opening the light of delight in my heart synergy sanctioning my sanguine get-up-and-go
To be the teacher to energize my wealthy eyes to appreciate who I am to apprehend and comprehend the world is my teacher lighting the fire in my
When I think and know I am the teacher of the world I am froze in the pose of the know it all quall baiting the quake of chaos to thaw me out of the know it all quall
Emancipates the wait and see in me to employing I am brave in the rave of my lively clarity to fly in into clouds of adversity seeing the sunlit wit in every situation
Unbridling my wisdom innovation tenaciously loving life today and every day loving infinite freedom effusively adoring affluence in a wise wealthy way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Tom Ski
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
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