Listen To Be Bold on Oct28 2011

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I Listen To Be Bold To Express My Keen Acuity
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
I listen to be bold to express my keen acuity showcasing my enterprising sagacity to open out my witty wise winning innovation sanctioning.
My lively straightforward “I am nobleness” tantalizing-my imaginative oracle-eyes-zing newness igniting newfangled grandness in every facet of my stainless stateliness galvanizing.
My universal superstar techno omnipotence expansively energizing Xanadu prominence applauding newborn inventiveness visualizing electrifying lively Yahweh.
Yessing-my awe-inspiring heart wisdom exalting hallowed harmonious affluence loving life in the wow of now optimizing wealth expanding discerning dauntless intuitive servitude.
To be the precursor of diversity unleashing my owlish omniscience televising my awesome affinity of my infinite canonized sagaciousness correlating edified realness nurturing incredible.
New internal splendor to understand the world will wail in fail until the people understand it there wisdom audacity intuition love for oneself expanding into love for all.
To understand 7 billion people equal 7 billion journeys dissolving the moldy old one way fits all is the poopy dupe of the societies know it all stall.
Unlocks my innermost blocks to let go and expand out of subconscious stealth control opens my Yahweh to invigorate new-fangled freedom affluence innovation loving life in an intuitive innovative way.
Realizing the intuitive mind chimes the innovational rhymes igniting the birthing of my sired desires in the feisty fertileness of my booming blooming imagination.
To recognize intuitive inventiveness thrives and arrives in ambiguity of the terra incognita where your core grit get and go are in the flow of the go showcasing the glow of your innermost wizardry.
Expands your gloriousness to float on cloud nine in the clout of your charismatic love opulence unleashing-my thriving arriving affluent revolutionizing revelations initiating visual images.
Naturalizing genuine pristine prosperity to understand in my sunlit core décor that wail of fail is willfully igniting intuitive liveliness unsheathing my shaman sha-zam igniting the light.
Of free-flowing astute innovation loving broadening my rainbow brilliance painting the worldly landscape with my prosper-eye-zing astute intuitive nirvana tantalizing innovative newborn genii.
In the artistic verve freeing the nerve in the populace to embrace their innermost gracefulness of who they are to unleash the kapish of their intuitive genius to thrive in the arrival of their.
Imaginative inventiveness to ride the tide of a luxurious life freely flowing on their cloud nine crafted in gold bars because they choose to engage in the rage of the inventive sage.
Today and every day in rich wise innovative way authorizes to me to relish who I am because I choose to unseal the ardent appeal of my majestic maharishi to teach my internal journey in the physical landscape.
Authorizes my wise to say Wealth Innovation Sapience Energized greased the unleashing of my cascading cash flow.
Opening the way for me to sashay in every way parlaying my fancy free vim and vigor into my daily escapades today and every day in a rich spirited way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Tom Ski
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Radio Hosted by Wisdom Radio on www.wisdom– every Monday-Thursday at 9:30 Eastern Time

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