Seas of Success on Oct26 2011

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Seas of Success
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Eye sail my seas of success as the Captain of my ship unleashing savvy embolden awe-inspiring savant sassiness untethering-my cascading cash-flow.
Energizing superstar stubbornness in core courage to empathically enlighten the cosmos with electrifying nu-clear laudable intuitive godliness heaven-eyes-zing earthly.
Newborn audacious curiosity animating undaunted declarations astutely culminating inventive outcomes.
Unbridling sanguine copious utopia realizing infinite opulence sanctifying innovative terra-incognita yearnings into the ethers of the galaxy.
By opening-out nimble wisdom understanding terra-incognita is my unexplored fields wisdom wealth success love innovation etc…
Where all my lavish avalanches of affluent abundances are patiently waiting for to sail into the calm water of my seas of success.
My infinite heart wisdom is brashly to telling to instantly let go of all bondages then instantly expansively expand into experiencing.
My seas of success because I encompass the shit grit and get to sail my terra-incognita which are my seas of success authorizes me.
To trust my utopian nimble enterprising x-ray percipience letting-loose omnipotent rapturous emotional determination fantastically instigating expansive.
Lively daringness synchronizing outcomes fluently winning everyday ardently loving today heavenly experiencing idyllic peace in a unembarrassed unashamed way to adamantly.
Broadcast harmonizing entrepreneurial awesomeness vividly enriching neonatal legendary Yahweh initiating delightful Yule-Tide listening lionizing.
Clever prayer everyday actualizing calm effervescent appreciation for my innate imagination uncluttering my intrepid talents I encompass.
Bequeaths me to undauntedly understand I am the genuine genius naturally navigating my oceans of terra-incognita empowers me to sail my seas of success with valiant zeal.
Allowing me to teach journey to folks to sail their seas of success their way in wealthy healthy heart way because I grasp it isn’t about.
My seas of success it is about the seas of success I energize in the universe and the relationships I engage in expanding the wisdom innovation love listening.
To the people I encounter enriching my core intuitive innovativeness as I express crisp clever ingeniousness boldly galvanizes.
My rabble rousing daredevil to relish my terra-incognita journey unapologetically embellishing my Captain of my ship willingness to voyage into.
My confused curiosity to become the Admiral of ship sailing coolly of my seas of success revealing.
To me my stalwart heroic intrepid pioneering spirit opened the way for me to sail my seas of success insolently shows the world.
I sail my sea at sunrise suavely expressing appreciation for the uniqueness of the sun etching its judicious acuity over the horizon televising its pristine pageantry showcasing VIP supremacy Virtuous Inspiration Provocatively.
Youthfully expanding my terra-incognita into seas of success untethering sapience unifying clever cognitions entrusting sagacious sovereignty.
To expansively engage expand energize enterprise and savor every experience of my life with galvanizing gusto.
As I watch the ceremonious sunset appreciating the moment on my seas of success living in infinite idyllic serenity wistfully relishing my awesome abilities.
To relax in the face of a typhoon and loll in YHWY quietness to blissfully enjoy my lively loving terra-incognita by gallantly sailing my seas of success in a plush prosperous peaceful way.
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Tom Ski
Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
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