Enjoy hearty, Halloween pumpkin soup on Oct25 2011

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Ever been at a loss with ideas about what to do with your pumpkin after Halloween?  How about soup?  I clean, and peel, with a regular potato peeler,  the outer skin and scrape the inside excess fibrous texture, it looks like the strings. along with those wonderful pumpkin seeds that can be cleaned, dried for a week, adding a hearty sprinkling of sea salt, and bake to desired color and crispness at 350 degrees Fahrenheitt. Spread evenly on your cookie sheet, over parch paper  in your oven to get each seed baked to perfection.

Back to the soup, clean your pumpkin per above, to cook in a pressure cooker, fry your chopped pumpkin, chopped celery, chopped parsnips, chopped leeks, about a 1/4 a cup of each vegetable realizing that pumpkin shall be your dominant vegetable.  Next add 3 grated garlic cloves,sliced onions adding a little bit of butter or olive oil to saute your onions, add a few cups of vegetable stock to overflow, along with fresh herbs of your choice; parsley, and cilantro, work best for this dish. Cover and simmer until all of your vegetables are soft, open your pressure cooker every 15-20 minutes making sure to stir your vegetables for more even cooking; also be cognizant of the broth, thus not cooking too high or too dry adding broth as needed.  Next, add your cooked vegetables into an electric mixer adding two cups of heavy cream, or any heavy cream substitute of your choice.  Blend the combination and upon a soup-like consistency, return to a large pot or your pressure cooker, to simmer your soup and heavy cream, for 10 minutes for a nice marrying of spices, add salt, pepper, a small amount of ginger and my favorite ingredient for this soup, is  fresh, ground nutmeg to taste.  They sell whole nutmeg in the spice section of many stores and I always use a cheese grater and add to some of my soup recipes while they are simmering!  Enjoy your pumpkin a little bit longer and  enjoy your homemade pumpkin seeds too!

Lorie Ann Jermoune

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