Bright Light on Oct24 2011

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Bright Light
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching
Eye am the bright light beaming my gleam of galvanizing love energizing affluence modern-eyes-zing the snap crackle pop of my award-winning wit unbinds my inner core
To adore-my wisdom actual-eyes-zing regal deep-seated willpower intuitively nurturing newborn innovation generating wealth internal tranquility unwinds the bind of the medication of the education
That is my limitation that is indoctrinated in the DNA by the misery of history debiting the embedding of the corporate cloning sustained and ingrained
By looping and duping of the corporate droned media that compounds the deep of cheap daunt of want the seedy weeds of need hoodwink of think smell of the tell smearing theirs fears
As news announcing and pronouncing their fake and bake cynicism and pessimism criticizing the populace they lack skills to be the energizing enterprising pill
To expand the ills of the world to experience the serene pristine prosperity that everybody is worthy and deserving to relish a parvenu peerless paradigm undoes-es
The was buzz of the media’s medicated educated criticism pessimism igniting the cosmic rays with a courageous curiosity freeing the spiritual spree in people
To gallantly expand each other out of the dim of the spin of corporate media into being a student of my I can journey unlatching latching on the shy of the sly of
The shyness within to unlock iron-will to roar to soar audaciously free-lancing my daring rave of my forthright fortitude to tell the medicated of the educated
To take a long long walk on a very very merry short plank expansively ennobling the undaunted utopian to brazenly brim the rim of the universe
To show the glow of my go broadening-my sapience triumph-to unlocking-my dauntless enterprising nirvana televising-golden opportunity freeing-my megastar valor
To magnetize enterprise galvanize aggrandize tantalize-my impeccable zeal emblazing new precipitous gutsiness my launching my rocket fired libretto into
The ethers of the galaxy to unfasten their seat belts of free flowing freedom as they swallow the pills prosperity imagination love listening to their core wit unleashing
Their spiritual savant to walk their talk and experience their grand ole opry opulent opulence to relish who they are in a emblazon embracing way as I now understand
When I am in tale of the tell explaining the ill swills of the world writing the codes of self-help and I can help I am really fessing up to intercession of my innermost contrition’s of
My judging controlling condition by smearing my fears as self-help I now realize perils of self-help and I can help as me basking in the asking for something or somebody
To enter my life to be the mirror of self-help so I can help myself as I now recognize as the mundane drain of my entrepreneurial spirit allows me
To be the student of the insane of the same frees me to shine as Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching to be gallant savant opening the way for folks
To relish their flow of their go expansively experience their energized synergized personal expansion jazzercised spiritual enrichment to walk in the enlightened brilliance of
Who they are in a galvanized gallivanting way by showing folks they encompass an I can I expand stand for who I am grit get and wit by grasping freedom flows
When I let go charisma authorizes the universe to unshackle my unlimited never ending streaming beaming cash flow to embellish
My lively luxurious stroll down my walk of fame enjoying who I am in a posh by gosh glorious grandeur in a regal rich way
Thank You
Robert A. Wilson Author of The Wisdom of a Cowboy
Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Radio Hosted by Wisdom Radio on www.wisdom– every Monday-Thursday at 9:30 Eastern Time

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